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David Clark

President | Industrial Welding and Tool Supply


Industrious and diligent, David Clark has garnered more than 34 years of experience and knowledge in the field of welding, and continues to operate in a proficient manner. Mr. Clark holds the post of president of Industrial Welding and Tool Supply, which provides welding machines and supplies, compressed gases, cryogenics, tools and safety equipment. Astute and driven, he hones expertise in all aspects of the technical side of the industry, including weld preparation, and welding and weld finishing from operations to manufacturing the product. In his position, he oversees the company’s operations, including sales, warehousing and inventory, human resources, and the company’s financial and accounting matters. Customer-oriented, he strives to build excellent client relations and encourages his team to do the same.

He attributes his success to the support of his team, his integrity and honesty, and passion for his job. In the next five years, Mr. Clark aspires to expand and establish a presence with his team in Tulsa, Okla.

Mr. Clark is affiliated with the American Welding Society, the Oklahoma Chapter and was the past chairman. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf, fixing up old cars and spending time with his grandchildren.

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